Start a web browser on a device connected to the router and visit or to log in to the web GUI of the router.

Step 1

Bind your device’s IP in the System Settings> DHCP Reservation.

If your device is connected to Speedefy router, your device name, MAC address and current IP will be displayed here. Click the chain icon to bind the device IP. And click Save.

Step 2

Advanced Settings > DMZ Host, fill in the IP of your device here. And click save. Advanced Settings>UPnP Turn on the UPnP function.

Step 3

Advanced Settings> Port forwarding

Please fill in your device’s IP address here, set the LAN WAN port to the one you need, set the protocol to TCP&UDP, click the +New button, and click Save.

Step 4

Reconnect your device Wi-Fi to Speedefy router.

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