In this mode, the Speedefy router can work as an Access Point to turn a wired network into a wireless network, extending the WiFi range.

(1) Connect a computer to the Speedefy router.

Use an Ethernet cable, or wirelessly by joining the default SSID printed on the label.

(2) Connect the existing router to the Speedefy Router.

Cable Speedefy router’s WAN or LAN port to your existing router’s Ethernet port, as shown below.

(3) Log in to the Speedefy router.

Visit in a browser. Complete the instructions if this is the first time you're setting up the router.

(4) Enable AP Mode.

Go to WiFi Settings, select AP, and click Save.

(5) Wait for the router to reboot and enjoy the Internet.

The Speedefy router will complete the AP Mode setup automatically.

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