The login password is designed to protect your WiFi network. For security, the login password is necessary when you want to access the app or the web management page of the router, so other people can not change your WiFi network easily even though he/she has connected to your WiFi network.

It is very important to set a login password for your router. You can change the login password via Speedy WiFi App or Web management page.

Method One: Via Speedy WiFi App

1. Connect your smart device to the WiFi network.

2. Launch Speedy WiFi App.

3. On the Tools page, select Login Password option and tap it.

4. Enter Old login password, enter New login password and confirm new lgoin password again.

Note: The login password must be 5-32 characters.

5. Click Save.

Method Two: Via web management page

1. Connect your computer or laptop to the router’s WiFi network.

2. Launch a web browser, enter or in the address bar and click Enter.

3. Go to System Settings > Login Password.

4. Enter Old login password, enter new login password and confirm new login password again.

5. Click Save.

Note: If you do not want a login password, then after you enter the old password, click Save.

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